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What Will Be the Minimum Pressure Required to Compress 500 Dm3 of Air at 1 Bar to 200 Dm3 at 30°C? - Chemistry

What will be the minimum pressure required to compress 500 dm3 of air at 1 bar to 200 dm3 at 30°C?

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Solution 1


Initial pressure, p1 = 1 bar

Initial volume, V1 = 500 dm3

Final volume, V2 = 200 dm3

Since the temperature remains constant, the final pressure (p2) can be calculated using Boyle’s law.

According to Boyle’s law,

`p_1V_1 = p_2V_2`

`=>p_2 = (p_1V_1)/V_2`

`= (1xx500)/200 "bar"`

`= 2.5 "bar"`

Therefore, the minimum pressure required is 2.5 bar.

Solution 2

P1 = 1 bar,P2 = ?       V1= 500 dm3 ,V2=200 dm3

As temperature remains constant at 30°C,


1 bar x 500 dm3 = P2 x 200 dm3 or P2=500/200 bar=2.5 bar

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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 5 States of Matter
Q 1 | Page 152
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