Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 8th
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What were the causes for the failure of the Revolt of 1857? - Social Science

Answer in Brief

What were the causes for the failure of the Revolt of 1857?

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Various causes were responsible for the failure of the revolt:

  1. Lack of organization, discipline, common plan of action, centralized leadership, modem weapons, and techniques.
  2. The rebel leaders were no match to the British Generals. Rani Lakshmi Bai, Tantia Tope, and Nana Saheb were courageous but they were not good generals.
  3. Non – participation of Bengal, Bombay, Madras, western Punjab, and Rajputana.
  4. The modem educated Indians did not support the Revolts as they believed that only British rule could reform Indian society and modernize it.
  5. The British managed to get the loyalty of the Sikhs, Afghans, and the Gurkha regiments. The Gurkhas actually helped the British in suppressing the revolt.
  6. The British had better weapons, better generals, and good organization.
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Samacheer Kalvi Social Science Class 8th Tamil Nadu State Board
Chapter 1.4 People’s Revolt
Exercise | Q VII. 4 | Page 46
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