What Were the Factors Which Led to the Popularity of Indira Gandhi’S Government in the Early 1970s? - Political Science

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What were the factors which led to the popularity of Indira Gandhi’s Government in the early 1970s?




  1. Socialist credentials became main projects during this period.
  2. Indira Gandhi campaigned to implement land reform legislations and land ceiling legislations.
  3. She ended her dependence on other political parties by strengthening her party’s position and recommended the dissolution of Lok Sabha in December’ 1970.
  4. The crisis in East Pakistan and Indo- Pak war to establish Bangladesh as an independent one, also enhanced the popularity of Indira Gandhi.
  5. Indira Gandhi’s government was not accepted only as a protector of the poor and underprivileged but as a strong government also.
  6. Congress became popular among different social sections and restored dominance again.
Concept: Congress Victory in 1971 Elections
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Chapter 5: challenges to and restoration of the congress system - Exercise [Page 101]


NCERT Class 12 Political Science: Politics in India Since Independence
Chapter 5 challenges to and restoration of the congress system
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