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What Was the Significance of the Pact? - History and Civics

Short Note

What was the significance of the Pact?

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(i) Unity: It brought the Hindu and Muslim unity which was the need of the hour. It also brought Assertive and Moderate leaders at the same platform.
(ii) Strengthening of National Movement: The unity between the Congress, the League and between the Moderates and Assertive demoralised the Government of India. Now the Government was under pressure for Constitutional reforms. This helped in strengthening the National Movement.
(iii) Constitutional Reforms: At that time the Home Rule League was also gaining momentum. Both the leaders of the Congress and the League made it clear to the British Government that their demands for Constitutional reforms could not be easily rejected if they wished Indians to be loyal to the British. In the face of overwhelming odd the government announced on August 20,1917 that their policy in India was the gradual development of self- governing institutions”.

Concept: Significance of the Lucknow Pact - 1916
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 13 The National Movement During the First World War (1915-1919)
Short Questions II | Q 2
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