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What Was the Influence of Western Education on the Minds of the Educated Indians in the 19th Century? - History and Civics

Short Note

What was the influence of Western education on the minds of the educated Indians in the 19th Century?

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Influence of Western education on the minds of the educated Indians:
(i) It opened the great treasure of western thoughts of the Indians like liberty and equality.
(ii) It made the Indians aware of the ideas of democracy, rational, secular, national outlook and self government.
(iii) It brought about social awareness and national consciousness among Indians.
(iv) It eradicated the belief of Indians in useless customs, blind faith and superstitions.

Concept: Rediscovery of India’S Past, Influence of Western Education
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 8 The Rise of Nationalism and Foundation of the Indian National Congress
Short Questions II | Q 2
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