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What Was the Impact and Significance of Quit India Movement. - History and Civics

Answer in Brief

What was the impact and significance of Quit India Movement.

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(i) It demonstrated the depth of the national feelings: The movement showed the depth of the national will and convinced the British that their domination in India were numbered. People from all parts of India fought together against the Britishers.
(ii) Set back to Britishers: Now the British officials had realized that the British would not be able to retain their hold on India.
(iii) Parallel Government: A significant feature of the Quit India Movement was the emergence of parallel Governments in Ballia in U.P. Midnapur in Bengal and Satura in Maharashtra.
(iv) Strengthening of Congress Socialist Party: The Quit India Movement helped in strengthening the Congress Socialist Party because of its magnificent and heroic role in the movement. Its socialist ideas had an impact on the Indian National Congress.

Concept: Quit India Resolution and the Significance of the Movement
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 15 Events Leading to the Quit India Movement (1935-1943)
Long Questions | Q 3
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