What Was Damin-i-koh? Why Did Santhals Resist Against British During Eighteenth Century? Give Three Reasons. - History

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What was Damin-i-Koh? Why did Santhals resist against British during eighteenth century? Give three reasons.

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Damini-i-Koh was the land allocated to the Santhals. The Santhals could live on the land and practise plough agriculture, thus helping them to carry out settled agriculture.

The Santhals resisted the British during the eighteenth century because of the following reasons:-

  1. They realised that they were losing control of the land demarcated as Damin.
  2. The British had levied a high rate of taxation on their lands. To pay revenues, they borrowed money from moneylenders at very high rates of interest.
  3. Gradually, the zamindars also began to assert control over the Damin.
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