What is an Vectored Interrupt? - Computer Science 2

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What is an Vectored Interrupt? 

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(1) An interrupt is a subroutine called, initiated by external device through hardware (hardware interrupt) or microprocessor itself (software interrupt).
(2) An interrupt can also be viewed as a signal, which suspends the normal sequence of microprocessor and then microprocessor gives service to that device which has given the signal. After completing the service, microprocessor again returns to the main program.
(3) Hardware interrupts are used to handle asynchronous events. These interrupts are requested by external device.
(4) After execution of these interrupts program counter is not incremented. The microprocessor executes either interrupt acknowledge cycle or ideal machine cycle to acknowledge this interrupt.

(5) These interrupts may be non- maskable or maskable.
(6) They have lower priority than any software interrupt.

Concept: Introduction to Microprocessors and Organization of 8085
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2015-2016 (March)

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