What Type of Substances Would Make Better Permanent Magnets, Ferromagnetic Or Ferrimagnetic. Justify Your Answer. - Chemistry


What type of substances would make better permanent magnets, ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic. Justify your answer.



Ferromagnetic substances would make better permanent magnets.

In solid state, the metal ions of ferromagnetic substances are grouped together into small regions. These regions are called domains and each domain acts as a tiny magnet. In an unmagnetised piece of a ferromagnetic substance, the domains are randomly oriented. As a result, the magnetic moments of the domains get cancelled. However, when the substance is placed in a magnetic field, all the domains get oriented in the direction of the magnetic field and a strong magnetic effect is produced.

The ordering of the domains persists even after the removal of the magnetic field. Thus, the ferromagnetic substance becomes a permanent magnet.

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Chapter 1: The Solid State - Intext Questions [Page 29]


NCERT Class 12 Chemistry
Chapter 1 The Solid State
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