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What Type of Food You Would Suggest for Cattle in Order to Get Good Quality of Milk ? - Biology

What type of food you would suggest for cattle in order to get good quality of milk ?

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Cattle should be given good quality type of food which is proper for their growth, development, health and for their maintenance. Animal food is feed.
This cattle feed has two types of substances.

  1. Roughage: The animals get roughage from hay (straw of cereals), berseem, cowpea, lucerne, silage, maize, bajra and other green plants.
    These plants generally provide fibrous substances and other minerals.
  2. Concentrates: These are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins, concentrates are given by.
    • Grains and seeds of bajra, maize, rye, gram, cotton, jowar, barley. These provide carbohydrates.
      Legume seeds and cotton seeds provide proteins and fats.
    • Oil cakes: These oil cakes are very good feed for the animals. These are formed from the remains of oil seeds after we get the oil from the seeds. We get oil cakes from the seeds of cotton, mustard.
    • Molasses are rich in proteins.
    • Wheat bran, rice bran, and gram bran also give concentrates.
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