Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 5th Standard
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What’s the solution? Rivers and lakes are filled with water hyacinth. - Environmental Studies 1

Short Note

What’s the solution?

Rivers and lakes are filled with water hyacinth.

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If organic substances mix with water, there is the growth of water plants like water hyacinth. But when they grow excessively, it causes problems for other aquatic organisms. During the daytime, water hyacinth release oxygen but at night time they too require oxygen. This causes depletion of dissolved oxygen in the water and hence many other organisms die due to lack of oxygen. Their dead remains to act as fertilizers and they help the hyacinth to grow more. Such a water body gets filled with water hyacinth. In order to save the environment of such a water body, first of all, the water hyacinth should be removed. This is also called eutrophication. Care should be taken that no organic pollutants enter this water body. Bund may be constructed around a lake or a river so that the land pollutants will not be let out in them. This will arrest the growth of water hyacinth.

Concept: Pollution and Its Types
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Balbharati Environmental Studies 1 Maharashtra State Board 5th Standard
Chapter 18 The Environment and Us
Exercises | Q 1 | Page 95
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