What reforms did Raja Ram Mohan Roy insist on? Social - History

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Answer in Brief

What reforms did Raja Ram Mohan Roy insist on?


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The experience of witnessing his brother’s wife immolating herself on her husband’s funeral pyre (she followed the custom of Sati), perturbed him very deeply. Roy published a letter about the evil practice of Sati. He was the first Indian to point out that none of the Indian religious texts mentioned the practice of Sati as a prescribed religious obligation.

It is because of his efforts that a law was passed by Governor-General Lord William Bentinck, abolishing the practice of Sati, in 1829. He was also opposed to the practice of child marriage and segregation of women (Purdah system). He opened an English medium school. He also launched the first weekly periodical in Bengali. Later, he also launched another publication in the Persian language. He also started a philosophical discussion circle, named ‘Atmiya Sabha’. This circle became a platform for searching for similarities in value systems of different religions.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy spoke in support of the anti-colonial movements in the Spanish colonies in South America. He supported the liberal people in Spain who were against monarchical rule. He stayed in England for 2 years. Later, he went to France. In India, he unfolded Europe for the Indians, and similarly, whenever in Europe, he unfolded India for Europeans.

Organizations like ‘Manavdharm Sabha’, ‘Paramhamsa Sabha’ and ‘Dnyanprasar Sabha’ were inspired by his work.

Concept: Age of Reforms
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Chapter 5 India: Social and Religious Reforms
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