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What is Rcc ? What Are the Advantages of Rcc Over Concrete? - Applied Chemistry 1

Short Note

What is RCC ? What are the advantages of RCC over concrete? 

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1)  RCC is the combination of steel and concrete structure which has high load-bearing capacity. It is the ordinary concrete reinforced with steel rods or heavy wire mesh.
2) Plain concrete has a great compressive strength but little ability to withstand tension. Hence when steel and concrete are together used , embedded steel takes up tension and strength is given by concrete.
Advantages of RCC over concrete :
a) RCC is easier to make and cast into desired shape , which can bear any type of load.
b) It posseses greater rigidity , moisture and fire resistances .
c) Steel reinforcement tends to distribute shrinkage cracks , thus preventing formation of large cracks .
d) The concrete on setting gets bonded very strongly with the reinforcements giving high compressive and tensile strengths .
e) Its maintainance cost is practically negligible . 

Concept: Cement - RCC and Decay
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