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What is the Purpose of a Switch in a Circuit? Why is the Switch Put in the Live Wire? - Physics

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What is the purpose of a switch in a circuit? Why is the switch put in the live wire?
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A switch is an on-off device for current in a circuit (or in an appliance). Its main function is either to connect or to disconnect an electrical appliance in an electric circuit.
Switches are always connected in the live wire of circuits so that when a switch is in 'off' position, no current flows through the appliance and its live and neutral wires are at same potential and it is safe to touch the live wire leading to the appliance, even when the fuse is blown.

Concept: Current Electricity
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2
Chapter 4 Current Electricity
Exercise 4.2 | Q 6 | Page 188
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