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What is the Purpose of Haber'S Process? Name the Gaseous Inputs in the Haber'S Process and State the Ratio by Volume in Which the Gases Are Mixed. - Chemistry

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Short Note
What is the purpose of Haber's process? Name the gaseous inputs in the Haber's process and state the ratio by volume in which the gases are mixed. What is done to increase the rate of the reaction in Haber's process? Give two different ways by which the product can be separated from the reactants.
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Haber's process is used in industrial preparation of ammonia.
Gaseous inputs in Haber's process are dry nitrogen and dry hydrogen gas. They are mixed in the ratio of 1:3 by volume.
The following conditions favour maximum yield of ammonia:
(a) Low temperature
(b) High pressure
(c) Use of catalyst
The gases after reaction pass through condensing pipes of cooling chamber where ammonia gets liquefied and is collected in receiver.
Ammonia can also be collected by downward displacement of air.

Concept: Manufacture of Ammonia (Haber's Process)
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