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What is Pro-environmental Behaviour? How Can the Environment Be Protected from Pollution? Suggest Some Strategies. - Psychology

Answer in Brief

What is pro-environmental behaviour? How can the environment be protected from pollution? Suggest some strategies.

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Pro-environmental behaviour is the friendly and caring attitude of people who help to prevent environmental degradation and conserve natural resources.

For instance, change in life-style and attitude of the people like conserving energy resources, planting trees, reduction in noise (sound-pollution) and air-pollution.

Some Strategies to Protect Environment are :-

  1. Reducing air-pollution by keeping vehicle in good condition or changing to non-fuel driven vehicle, stopping the practice of smoking.
  2. Reducing noise (sound pollution) by ensuring that noise levels are low. e.g., discouraging needless honking on the road, or making rule regarding noisy music at certain hours.
  3. Planting trees and ensuring their care.
  4. Reducing the non-biodegradable packing of consumer goods.
  5. Laws related to construction (especially in urban areas) that violate optimal environment design.
  6. Saying ‘no’ to plastic use in any form, thus reducing toxic wastes that pollute water, air and the soil.
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NCERT Class 12 Psychology Textbook
Chapter 8 Psychology and Life
Exercise | Q 7 | Page 175
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