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What is primary productivity?



The amount of biomass produced per unit area in a certain time period by plants through  photosynthesis is defined as primary productivity.

Concept: Productivity
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Write the equation that helps in deriving the net primary productivity of an ecosystem.

How are productivity, gross productivity, net primary productivity and secondary productivity interrelated ?

What is primary productivity? Give a brief description of factors that affect primary productivity.

State the relation between gross and net primary productivity.

What is the primary productivity of an ecosystem and how is it expressed?

Answer the following question.
Describe the inter-relationship between productivity, gross primary productivity, and net productivity.

Write the relationship between productivity, gross primary productivity, net primary productivity, and secondary productivity.

Secondary productivity is rote of formation of new organic matter by ______.

The biomes energy available for consumption by herbivores is called ______.

Which one of the following ecosystem is most productive in term of net primary production?

How much of the net primary productively of a terrestrial ecosystem is eaten and digested by herbivores?

Which one of the following ecosystem has the highest annual net productivity?

If A = Gross primary productivity, B = Net primary productivity and C = Respiration losses, then what will be the correct relation between them?

In the equation GPP − R = NPP R represents ______

Why are oceans least productive?

Why is the rate of assimilation of energy at the herbivore level called secondary productivity?

Which of the following ecosystems will be more productive in terms of primary productivity? Justify your answer. A young forest, a natural old forest, a shallow polluted lake, alpine meadow.


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