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What is Powder Metallurgy? Mention Any Two Advantages and Two Limitations of Powder Metallurgy. - Applied Chemistry 2

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What is powder metallurgy? Mention any two advantages and two limitations of powder metallurgy. 

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1. Powder metallurgy is the process which deals with the product of useful components from fine metal powders, from individual, mixed or alloyed with or without the inclusion of non-metallic constituents.
2. In this process,
- Metal is obtained powder form
- Powdered metal is mixed with other elements in powder form
- It is then subjected to high pressure so s to get compressed into desired shape
- The shaped is then finished finished into final form various combinations with metal and non-metals are possible.
1. By PM, materials can be made using, metal or non-metal in any desirable composition
2. Dimensional accuracy and finish of the materials are excellent.

1. Storage of metal powder requires precautions, because powder metals get oxidised in air if exposed. This cause wastage.
2. Process is not suitable to produce large size components because process available for compaction are of limited capacity.

Concept: Powder Metallurgy - Applications of Powder Metallurgy
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