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What Planning is Required in Advance to Deal with the Situation Created by a Cyclone? - Science

What planning is required in advance to deal with the situation created by a cyclone?

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Solution 1

The following planning is required to deal with the situation created by a cyclone.

1) Facilities for cyclone prediction and forecasting which can give cyclone warning in advance.

2) Quick information and communication linkages so that information can be spread quickly.

3) Construction of cyclone shelters and arrangement for moving people to safer places for safety during cyclone.

Solution 2

To deal with cyclone, it is important to follow the following points :

1) carefully listening the warnings transmitted on T.V. and radio.

2) moving to the safer places.

3) keeping an emergency kit ready.

4) store food in waterproof bags.

5) not venturing into sea.

6) keeping all the emergency numbers.

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NCERT Class 7 Science
Chapter 8 Wind Storms and Cyclones
Q 7 | Page 92
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