What Percentage (Approximately) of the Total Gift Money Received by Riz and Rekha Was Spent on Buying the Tv and Ac? - Mathematics


Direction:  Answer the question on the basis of the information given below.

After their wedding, Riz and Rekha decide to move into a new apartment, which is unfurnished. So they decide to buy the necessary home appliances with the gift money that they received at their wedding. The total gift money received was Rs.1,23,000 out of which the amount spent on wooden furniture is Rs.24,000, which is double the amount spent on carpeting the drawing room floor. The remaining amount was spent on buying exactly three items namely TV, AC and Washing Machine, the prices of which are in the ratio 11 : 13: 5 respectively.

What percentage (approximately) of the total gift money received by Riz and Rekha was spent on buying the TV and AC? 


  • 50%

  • 60%

  • 70%

  • 40%





Riz and Rekha received Rs.1,23,000, out of which they spend [123000 – (24000 + 12000)] = Rs.87,000 on the three home appliances. The total amount spent on TV and AC is `(11 + 13)/29 xx 87000`

= Rs.72,000. Required percentage of money spent on TV and AC out of the total gift money

`= 72000/123000xx100 = 58.53%` which is closest to 60%.

Concept: Ratio and Proportion (Entrance Exam)
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