What is Parturition? Which Hormones Are Involved in Induction of Parturition? - Biology


What is parturition? Which hormones are involved in induction of parturition?


Solution 1

Parturition is the process of giving birth to a baby as the development of the foetus gets completed in the mother’s womb. The hormones involved in this process are oxytocin and relaxin. Oxytocin leads to the contraction of smooth muscles of myometrium of the uterus, which directs the full term foetus towards the birth canal. On the other hand, relaxin hormone causes relaxation of the pelvic ligaments and prepares the uterus for child birth.

Solution 2

The average duration of human pregnancy is about 9 months which is called gestation period. Vigorous contraction of the uterus at the end of pregnancy causes expulsion/delivery of the foetus. This process of delivery of the foetus is called parturition.It is induced by hormone oxytocin which acts on the uterine muscle and causes stronger uterine contractions.

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Chapter 3 Human Reproduction
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Describe the process of Parturition in humans.

Give a scientific term for the following:

An act of expelling the full-term foetus from mother’s uterus at the end of gestation.

The following question(s)/statement(s) has four suggested answers. Choose the correct option in the following case.

The act of expelling the full-term foetus from the uterus is termed as __________.

State from where do the signals for parturition originate in human females.

The most important hormone in initiating and maintaining lactation after birth is ____________.

The milk secreted by the mammary glands soon after childbirth is called ____________.

Colostrum is rich in ____________.

What is colostrum? Write its significance.

Explain the role of oxytocin and relaxin in parturition and lactation.

Cells become variable in morphology and function in different regions of the embryo. The process is ______.

Foetal ejection reflex in human female is induced by ______.

In human adult females oxytocin ______.

The third stage of parturition is called “after-birth”. In this stage ______.

Delivery of developed fetus is scientifically called ______.

Oxytocin, necessary for parturition, is secreted by the fully-developed foetus and the placenta.

The signals for the parturition process originate from ______

Which complex of hormones induces lactation?

Paturition is induced by a complex

Which of these is not an important component of initiation of parturition in humans?

Which of the following secretes the hormone, relaxin, during the later phase of pregnancy?

What is foetal ejection reflex? Explain how it leads to parturition?

Why doctors recommend breast feeding during initial period of infant growth?


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