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What is Observed After About 1 Hour of Adding the Strips of Copper and Aluminium Separately to Ferrous Sulphate Solution Filled in Two Beakers ? Name the Reaction If Any Change in Colour is Noticed. - Difference Between Metals, Non-metals, and Metalloids

Answer in Brief

What is observed after about 1 hour of adding the strips of copper and aluminium separately to ferrous sulphate solution filled in two beakers ? Name the reaction if any change in colour is noticed. Also, write chemical equation for the reaction. 

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Cu(s) + FeSO4(aq) → No change will take place .

Copper is less reactive then Fe so, Cu cannot displace iron from ferrous sulphate solution

* No reaction will take place.

2Al(s) + 3FeSO4(aq) → Al2(SO4)3 + 3Fe(s)  (Displacement reaction) 

* When Al is added to a FeSO4 (aq) solution , the freen colour of FeSO4(aq)  disappears and the Fe is seen setting down as the reaction accurs Al being higher in reacting series displace the Fe in FeSO4

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