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What is Nuclear Pollution? What Are Its Sources and Effects. - Environmental Studies

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Answer in Brief

What is Nuclear Pollution? What are its sources and effects.

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1.  Contamination of the atmosphere by radiation and radioactive particles is called nuclear pollution.

2.  Nuclear energy can be both beneficial and harmful depending on the way in which it is used. We routinely use X-rays to examine bones for fractures, treat cancer with radiation and diagnose diseases with the help of radioactive isotopes.
3.  Approximately 17 % of the electrical energy generated in the world comes from nuclear power plants. However on the other hand it is impossible to forget the destruction that nuclear bombs caused the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
4. The radioactive wastes from nuclear energy have caused serious environmental damage.
1. Nuclear explosions and detonations of nuclear weapons.
2. Defence weapon production.
3. Nuclear waste handling and disposal.
4. Mining of radioactive ores (such as uranium ores).
5. Nuclear accidents.
1. A nuclear explosion releases large amounts of radioactive substance. This can cause damage to the eyes. The retina of the eye can either become blinded due to the intensity of the infra-red rays or it can melt because of the high temperature release.

2. Direct effect of a nuclear blast is damage to life and property. This explosion is most serious in places of higher altitude. The blast range increases with height gain.

3. The explosion will have negative impact on the environment and the atmosphere.

Concept: Sources and Effects of Nuclear Pollution
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