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What is Nuclear Fission? Explain with an Example. Write the Equation of the Nuclear Reaction Involved. - Science

What is nuclear fission? Explain with an example. Write the equation of the nuclear reaction involved.

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Nuclear fission
Nuclear fission is the process by which the heavy nucleus of a radioactive atom splits up into smaller nuclei when bombarded with low-energy neutrons.

When uranium-235 atoms are bombarded with slow-moving neutrons, the heavy uranium nucleus breaks up to produce two medium-weight atoms, barium-139 and krypton-94, with the emission of three neutrons. A tremendous amount of energy is produced in this process.

`""_92^238U+""_0^1n"fission"/""> 56^(Ba^139)+""_36Kr^94+""3_0^1n+`Tremendous amount of energy

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 3 Sources of Energy
Q 14 | Page 157
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