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What Name is Given to Bacteria Found in the Root Nodules of Pea Plants? State Their Importance. - Biology

Answer in Brief

What name is given to bacteria found in the root nodules of pea plants? State their importance. 

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Rhizobium bacteria are found living in the root nodules (small swollen structures on roots) of leguminous plants like the pea, bean, etc. These bacteria trap the nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it into nitrates (mineral salts) which can be easily absorbed by the plants from the soil along with the water. It is observed here that the bacteria provide food to the host plant and the host plant, in turn, provides shelter for the bacteria. This kind of relationship wherein two organisms live in harmony each benefiting from such a relationship is called symbiosis. The organisms are called symbionts.

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Selina Concise Biology Class 7 ICSE
Chapter 2 Classification of Plants
Long answer questions | Q 1
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