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What is a Mesosome in a Prokaryotic Cell? Mention the Functions that It Performs - Biology

What is a mesosome in a prokaryotic cell? Mention the functions that it performs.

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Solution 1

Mesosome is a convoluted membranous structure formed in a prokaryotic cell by the invagination of the plasma membrane. Its functions are as follows:

(1) These extensions help in the synthesis of the cell wall, replication of DNA. They also help in the equal distribution of chromosomes into the daughter cells.

(2) It also increases the surface area of the plasma membrane to carry out various enzymatic activities.

(3) It helps in secretion processes as well as in bacterial respiration.

Solution 2

Mesosome is a membranous structure in prokaryotic cell, which is formed by the extensions of the plasma membrane into the cell in form of vesicles, tubules and lamellae. Mesosomes are equal to mitochondria in eukaryotes, as they perform aerobic cellular respiration in prokaryotes. It helps in DNA replication and distribution of genetic material to daughter cells. Mesosomes also help in respiration, increase the surface area of the plasma membrane and enzymatic content and cell wall formation.

Concept: Prokaryotic Cells - Cell Envelope and Its Modifications
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NCERT Class 11 Biology Textbook
Chapter 8 Cell: The Unit of Life
Q 5 | Page 141
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