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What is a Meristematic Tissue ? - Biology

Short Note

What is a meristematic tissue? 

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Plant Tissues are classified into two types:

1. Meristematic tissue

2. Permanent or non-diving tissue

Meristematic tissues are the plant tissues that are made up of actively dividing cells. These tissues actively divide and lead to the growth of the plant body. They are found at the growth points of the plant-like tips of root, stem, and branches, etc.

  1. Cells are small with thin cell walls.
  2. Cells have large and conspicuous nuclei.
  3. Cells have no vacuoles.
  4. Cells are actively dividing type cells.
Concept: Plant Tissues - Meristems or Meristematic Tissues
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Selina Concise Biology Class 7 ICSE
Chapter 1 Plant And Animal Tissues
Answer the following | Q 2.1
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