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What Measures, as an Individual, You Would Take to Reduce Environmental Pollution - Biology

What measures, as an individual, you would take to reduce environmental pollution?

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The following initiatives can be taken to prevent environmental pollution:

Measures for preventing Air pollution:

(i) Planting more trees

(ii) Use of clean and renewable energy sources such as CNG and bio-fuels

(iii) Reducing the use of fossil fuels

(iv) Use of catalytic converters in automobiles

Measures for preventing water pollution:-

(i) Optimizing the use of water

(ii) Using kitchen waste water in gardening and other household purposes

Measures for controlling Noise pollution:-

(i) Avoid burning crackers on Diwali

(i) Plantation of more trees

Measures for decreasing solid waste generation:-

(i) Segregation of waste

(ii) Recycling and reuse of plastic and paper

(iii) Composting of biodegradable kitchen waste

(iv) Reducing the use of plastics

Concept: Introduction of Environmental Issues
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NCERT Class 12 Biology Textbook
Chapter 16 Environmental Issues
Q 8 | Page 286
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