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What is Meant by the Metal Reactivity Series ? State Its Importance, (Any Two Points). - Chemistry

What is meant by the metal reactivity series ? State its importance, (any two points).

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A list in which the metals are arranged in the decreasing order of their chemical reactivity is called the metal reactivity series.

Special features of the activity series:

  1. The ease with which a metal in solution loses electron(s) and forms a positive ion decreases down the series, i.e. from potassium to gold.
  2. Hydrogen is included in the activity series because, like metals do, it too loses an electron and becomes positively charged (H+) in most chemical reactions.
  3. The series facilitates the comparative study of metals in terms of the degree of their reactivity.
  4. The compounds of the metals (oxides, carbonates, nitrates and hydroxides) too can be easily compared.
Concept: Reactivity Series - in Reactivity Series Metals Are Arranged in Order of Their Reactivity
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Selina Concise Chemistry Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 6 Chemical Reactions
Exercise 2 | Q 9 | Page 86
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