What is Meant by Lok Adalat? - History and Civics

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Short Note

What is meant by Lok Adalat?

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Lok Adalat: Lok Adalat means ‘People’s Court’. On the recommendation of Justice Bhagwati, Lok Adalats were set-up to provide legal and quick justice to those who are not in a position to
engage lawyers or bear the expenses of legal proceedings. This eliminated high costs and delays in imparting justice. It is not only a faster and cheaper way of settling disputes, but it also relieves the courts of heavy backlog of cases. Voluntary organisations organise such courts at places like factories, farms, commercial complexes to settle disputes in the spirit of harmony and compromise.

Concept: Concept of Lok Adalat
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 6 The State Judiciary (The Subordinate Courts)
Short Questions II | Q 1

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