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What is Meant by ‘Food for Work’ Programme? - CBSE (Arts) Class 12 - Economics

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What is meant by ‘Food for Work’ programme?


Food for Work (FFW) programme was started in 2004 with the objective of generating ample employment opportunities for unskilled labourers concentrated in the drought-affected states of Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, M.P, Orissa, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Uttaranchal. This programme provides food in exchange of work done by labourers. This programme was aimed to protect poor people against reduction in their purchasing power capacity in the natural calamities prone areas. The work done by the labourers includes watershed development works, water harvesting and construction of metal roads connecting rural and urban areas. This programme not only provides labourers with food but also creates semi-durable assets that facilitate economic and social development of the backward areas.

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Solution What is Meant by ‘Food for Work’ Programme? Concept: Identification of Poor People.
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