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What Management Practices Are Common in Dairy and Poultry Farming? - Science

What management practices are common in dairy and poultry farming?

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Solution 1

Common management practices in dairy and poultry farming are:-

(i) Proper shelter facilities and their regular cleaning.

(ii) Some basic hygienic conditions such as clean water, nutritious food, etc.

(iii) Animals are kept in spacious, airy, and ventilated place.

(iv) Prevention and cure of diseases at the right time is ensured.

Solution 2

1. Shelter:- Dairy animals and poultry birds require proper shelter, i.e., well designed dairy and hygienic shelter.

2. Feeding:- To get good yield of food product, proper feed is provided to dairy animals and poultry birds.

3. Caring for animal health:- Animal and birds must be protected from diseases caused by virus, bacteria or fungi.

Concept: Poultry Farming
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NCERT Class 9 Science Textbook
Chapter 15 Improvement in Food Resources
Q 1 | Page 211
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