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What Led to the Observance of Direct Action Day by the Muslim League, on August 16, 1946 ? - History

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Answer in Brief

What led to the observance of Direct Action Day by the Muslim League, on August 16, 1946?

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Observance of Direct Action Day The elections to the Constituent Assembly under the Cabinet Mission Plan were held in May 1946, the seat of the Congress 212 out of 298, Muslim League won 73 seats. The League apprehensive of the overwhelming strength of the Congress demanded the appointment of two different constituent assemblies. On 27th July 1946, Jinnah addressing the All India Muslim League attached the Cabinet Mission Plan in general and Lord Wavell in particular and also charged him for playing in the hands of the Congress.

Muslim League withdraws its early acceptance of the Cabinet Mission Plan and announced the program of Direct Action day. The working committee of the Muslim League met on 30th July and fixed 16th August as the Direct Action Day throughout the country. It would be observed all over India by holding meetings, taking out processions and organizing big rallies.

However, on that day the worst holocaust took place at Calcutta. During the four days that followed Muslims and Hindus indiscriminately murdered each other. Women and children were killed in broad daylight. Arson, rape, murder, and pillage were rampant. More than 4,000 people lost their lives and 100,000 residents were left homeless in Calcutta. This violence sparked off further religious riots in the surrounding regions of Noakhali, Bihar, United Provinces (modern Uttar Pradesh), Punjab, and the North-Western Frontier. Province. These events sowed the seeds for the eventual Partition of India.

Concept: Direct Action by League
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