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What is the nature of business risk? - Business Studies

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What is the nature of business risk?

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Nature of Business Risk

(a) Risk is part and parcel of business: Risk is an essential feature of a business. Every business, irrespective of its size and nature, whether organised or unorganised, faces risk.

(b) Varying degree- The extent of risk that a business faces depends upon the nature or type of goods produced and the scale of operation. A business that produces goods of daily use, such as soap and toothpaste, faces a lower business risk than a business that produces goods which are highly dependent on consumer preferences, such as cell phones. Similarly, a business operating on a large scale (i.e., a large business firm) faces a higher business risk compared to a small-scale business.

(c) Directly related with profit- We know that profit is the reward for undertaking business risk. The higher the degree of risk involved, the higher would be the amount of profit earned and vice versa.

(d) Results due to unforeseen circumstances: Risks emerge because of unforeseen circumstances and uncertainties. Unforeseen circumstances may include strikes and thefts (termed ‘human uncertainties’) or business uncertainties—such as price change, changes in government policies and natural disasters, such as earthquake and floods.

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NCERT Ncert Class 11 Business Studies
Chapter 1 Business, Trade and Commerce
Short Answer Questions | Q 13.2 | Page 26
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