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What is the Educational Qualification of Mahima and What is the Course She - Logical Reasoning


Read the information given below and answer the question that follows.
Radhika, Neha, Rupa, Mahima, Sayali and Shobha joined six different renowned MBA institutes – A, B, C, D, E and F and opted for six different specializations in Management – Finance, IT, Operations, HR, Marketing and General Management. Each of them has a different educational qualification out of BCA, B.Com, CA, BBM, B.Sc., and B.Tech.

The following information is available about them.

  1. I. Mahima joined institute B and did not take up Marketing or IT and is not a B.Tech.II.
  2. The person who joined institute E opted for HR and is not a CA or a B.Sc.III.
  3. The person, who is a BCA graduate, joined the institute D and took IT. Whereas, the person, who is B. Com graduate, took up General Management.IV.
  4. Shobha is a CA and has taken Finance.V.
  5. B. Tech graduate has taken Operations Management and didn’t join institute A or C.VI.
  6. Radhika joined institute F, Rupa is a BCA graduate and Neha took up HR.

What is the educational qualification of Mahima and what is the course she


  • B.Sc. and Finance

  • B.Com. and General Management

  • BBM and HR

  • None of the above

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Name Institute Specialization Educational
Radhika F Operations B.Tech.
Mahima B General Mgt. B.Com.
Sayali A/C Marketing BSc.
Shobha C/A Finance CA

Hence Mahima is BCom and doing General Mgt.

Concept: Puzzle (Entrance Exam)
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