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What is the Colour of the Pole Diagonally Opposite to the Bronze Coloured Pole? - Logical Reasoning


Answer the following questions based on the statements given below:

(i) There are 3 poles on each side of the road.

(ii) These six poles are labelled A, B, C, D, E and F

(iii) The poles are of different colours namely Golden, Silver, Metallic, Black, Bronze and White.

(iv) The poles are of different heights.

(v) E, the tallest pole, is exactly opposite to the Golden coloured pole.

(vi) The shortest pole is exactly opposite to the Metallic coloured pole.

(vii) F, the Black coloured pole, is located between A and D.

(viii) C, the Bronze coloured pole, is exactly opposite to A.

(ix) B, the Metallic coloured pole, is exactly opposite to F.

(x) A, the White coloured pole, is taller than C but shorter than D and B.

What is the colour of the pole diagonally opposite to the Bronze coloured pole?


  • White

  • Silver

  • Metallic

  • Golden

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On the basis of given information, the arrangement  is as following:

Golden colour of the pole diagonally opposite to the  Bronze coloured pole. 

Concept: Problem Solving Ability (Entrance Exam)
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