What is the capital of Cuba? - General Test


What is the capital of Cuba?


  • Zagreb

  • Prague

  • Nicosia

  • Havana





Cuba's Currency - Peso, Cuba's present President - Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Concept: Geography Current Affair (Enterance Exam)
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Choose the most appropriate option:

Mars is also known as the:

Fireflies attract mates by producing

Match the following

  List I   List II
A Alluvial Soil 1 Cotton
B Black Soil 2 Rice
C Brown Soil 3 Tea
D Red Soil 4 Wheat


  A B C D
(a) 2 3 1 4
(b) 2 1 3 4
(c) 3 1 2 4
(d) 4 1 3 2

The Tibetan river 'Tsangpo' enters India through the State of

Nanda Devi peak forms a part of

Taptapani, a hot spring of Odisha, is situated in the district

Iron ore mines are located in which of the following regions?

'Vrindavan Express' is run between

Why has the Green Revolution benefited only a small section of India?

Which one of the following is the junction point of the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats?

Tides in the sea have stored in them

Which one of the following is present in the largest amount in terms of percent by mass in the earth's crust?

Which one of the following is not the effect of the revolution of the Earth?

The total surface area of Earth is

Mist is a result of which one of the following?

Which of the following seas of Antarctica has been declared as the world's largest marine protected area?

The Indian Territory which fell under the states on the eve  of Independence was:

The territorial waters of India extend up to?

Which of the following is not a closed sea?

The Earth Hour Day is marked every year on which day?

Which of the following statements about tides is Incorrect?

The Deccan Plateau is a triangular-shaped plateau and is bounded by the ______ range in the North.

Havelock Island is a popular tourist place in ______.

Generally, a sleep hill with an elevation of more than ______ metres is classified as a mountain.

Which famous landmark is present between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie?

Three of the given four names share a certain relation whereas one is different. Select the option that is different from the rest.

Agartala, Imphal, Kohima, Silchar

Eastern West Khasi Hills district is a newly launched district in which state?

Tadoba -Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in which of the following Indian state?

Guru Shikhar is highest point of which mountain range?


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