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What is Respiration? How Are Respiration and Burning Similar and How Are They Different? - Biology

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What is respiration? How are respiration and burning similar and how are they different?

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Oxidation of organic food particularly carbohydrates in living cells to release energy is called respiration.

Similarities between respiration and burning:

(i) Both require oxygen  

(ii) Both produce energy

(iii) Both result in the formation of CO2 and water

Differences between respiration and burning:  



1. Occurs in a series of chemical steps

1. Occurs in a single step

2. Carried out by enzymes

2. Carried out by the heat 

3. Biochemical process

3. Physico-chemical process

4. Energy is liberated in the form of ATP and some heat

4. Energy is liberated in the form of heat and light

5. No light energy is produced

5. Light energy is produced

6. Cellular process

6. Non-cellular process

7. Occurs at body temperature

7. Occurs at high temperature (at ignition point)

8. No supply of heat energy is required

8. Supply of heat energy is required

9. The organic compound is oxidized to carbon dioxide and water.

9. The organic compound initially chars and later burns, producing a flame.

Concept: Respiration Vs. Burning (Combustion)
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Selina Concise Science Biology 1 Class 9 ICSE
Chapter 7 Respiration in Plants
Long answer type | Q 1 | Page 62
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