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What is Ocean Energy ? Explain in Brief. - Physics

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Short Note

 What is ocean energy? Explain in brief.

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Ocean energy: Water in the oceans possesses energy in two forms:

  1. Ocean thermal energy- The energy available due to the difference in temperature of water at the surface and at deeper levels of the ocean is called the ocean thermal energy. This energy is harnessed for producing electricity by a device called ocean thermal energy conversion power plant (OCTEC power plant).
  2. Oceanic waves energy- The kinetic energy possessed by fast-moving oceanic (or sea) waves is called oceanic waves energy. Though models have been made to generate electricity from oceanic waves, but so far it has not been put to practical use.
Concept: Energy from the Sea
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Selina Concise Physics Class 9 ICSE
Chapter 6 Heat and Energy
Exercise 6 (C) | Q 7.2 | Page 141
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