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What is Meant by Supervision? Explain Three Function of a Supervisor. - Commerce

Answer in Brief

What is meant by supervision? Explain the three functions of a supervisor.

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Supervision is defined as guiding the activities of people who perform the work. It includes planning, organizing, directing and controlling the work and the activities of subordinates or employees.
Functions of a supervisor :
1. Planning and Organizing: Basic role of a supervisor is to plan the daily work schedule of the workers by guiding them the nature of their work and also dividing the work amongst the workers according to their interests, aptitudes, skills, and interests.

2. Leadership and Guidance: A supervisor is the leader of workers working under him. He leads the workers and influences them to work their best. He also guides the workers by fixing production targets and by providing them instructions and guidelines to achieve those targets. 

3.Motivation: A supervisor plays an important role by providing different incentives to workers to perform better. There are different monetary and non-monetary incentives that can inspire the workers to work better and produce better. 

Concept: Function of a Supervisor
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