What is Meant by Co-ordination? State Its Any Four Features. - Business Studies

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What is meant by co-ordination? State its any four features.



Coordination is said to be the essence of management. It unites the functioning and efforts of various employees for the achievement of the common goals and objectives of an organisation. It forms the link between the various functions of management. The following are the characteristics that highlight the features of coordination:

i. Group activity: Coordination is said to be a group activity as it integrates the efforts of various individuals for the achievement of common objectives. In other words, it unifies the collective efforts of the employees for the achievement of set targets or goals.

ii. Binding force: The main purpose of coordination is to unify the actions of individuals. It acts as a force that binds the various functions of management. It ensures that the people of an organisation work together towards the accomplishment of the organisational goals.

iii. Continuous process: Coordination is a continuous process. It creates a channel between the functions of management. Coordination starts right from planning, and continues till controlling. It ensures that work is being performed according to the planned targets.

iv. All-pervasive function: Coordination is a pervasive function. That is, it is performed at all the levels of management. It is practised by the managers of all departments at every level in order to ensure unity of action.

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