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What is Meant by Aptitude ? Mention Four Uses of Aptitude Test. - Psychology

Answer in Brief

What is meant by Aptitude? Mention four uses of aptitude test.

Explain the term aptitude.

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According to Freeman (1971), “An aptitude is a combination of characteristics indicative of an individual’s capacity to acquire (with training) some specific knowledge, skill or set of organized responses, such as the ability to speak a language, to become a musician, to do mechanical work.” An aptitude is thus a component of competency or readiness for a certain kind of work at a certain level without a prior learning experience. Hence it is innate by nature.
Aptitude is a primary determinant of success. Uses of Aptitude tests are as follows :

The learning ability of a learner can be measured, which would reflect overall future performances. This can help individuals select subjects he or she could pursue. It is the backbone of guidance services.

Employers can use aptitude tests to select individuals for various jobs. They can be used for placing the employees in various positions. Training programmes may be conducted based on the results of aptitude tests as it assesses differences in aptitude among individuals.

Aptitude tests can be used as a benchmark for admission of students in different profes¬sional courses like medicine, engineering. 

High level of specific aptitude of a learner is called talent. If this talent is harnessed properly then it can reach great heights.

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