What is Marxist History? - History and Political Science

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What is Marxist History?

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Introduction: Marxist history is one ideological school which influenced the historiography of the post-independence era.

  1. The basic theme of Marxist historiography is to analyse the impact of every social event of significance. 
  2. The writings of Marxist historians centred around the concern for the means of production, modes of production and the industrial relations.
  3. In India the Marxist historians studied the transitions within the caste system. Some of the notable Indian historians who adopted Marxist ideological framework are Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi, Comrade Shripad Amrut Dange, Ram Sharan Sharma, Comrade Sharad Patil, etc. The book, Primitive Communism to Slavery, written by Comrade Dange represents Marxist historiography.

Conclusion: In this way the ideology of Marxist history had a deep impact on Indian history.

Concept: Tradition of Indian Historiography
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