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What is Inter-conversion of Matter. Give the Meaning of the Terms Involved in Inter-conversion of Matter (A) Melting (B) Vaporisation (C) Liquefaction Or Condensation, (D) Solidification Or - Chemistry

Answer in Brief

What is inter-conversion of matter. Give the meaning of the terms involved in inter-conversion of matter

(a) Melting
(b) Vaporisation
(c) Liquefaction or condensation,
(d) Solidification or freezing
(e) Sublimation.

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“Change of state of matter from one state to another state and back to its original state is called inter-conversion of matter.”

(a) MELTING: Conversion of a solid into a liquid on heating e.g. ice to water.

(b) VAPORISATION: Conversion of a – liquid into vapours (or gas) on heating e.g. water to water vapour.

(c) LIQUEFACTION or CONDENSATION: Conversion of VAPOUR (or gas) into a LIQUID on cooling e.g. water vapour to water.

(d) SOLIDIFICATION OR FREEZING: Conversion of a LIQUID into a SOLID e.g. water to ice.

(e) SUBLIMATION: Conversion of a SOLID directly in GASEOUS (vapour) state and on cooling directly back to SOLID e.g. Naphthalene sublimes at room temperature.

Concept: Interconversion of States of Matter
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