What is feminist historiography ? - History and Political Science

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What is feminist historiography ?

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Introduction: The contributions of Feminist Historiography are important in the development of historiography.

  1. The restructuring of the history from the perspective of women is known as ‘Feminist Historiography’. The fundamentals of feminism were established through the writings of French scholar Simone de Beauvoir. 
  2. It emphasised the inclusion of women in history as well as the rethinking of the male dominated perspective of history. 
  3. Feminist Historiography also led the historical research to focus in detail on several aspects of women’s life such as their employment, their role in trade union, institutions working for their cause, their family life, etc. Due to this, post 1990, women were portrayed as an independent social class in the historical writings.

Conclusion: Historiography has received a new dimension due to feminist historiography.

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