Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationHSC Science Class 12th

What is dotcom burst? - Computer Applications

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Short Note

What is dotcom burst?

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  1. The Nasdaq-Composite stock market index fell from 5046.86 to 1114.11. This is infamous, known as the Dotcom Crash or Dotcom Burst.
  2. This began on March 11, 2000, and lasted until October 9, 2002. During the crash, thousands of online shopping companies, like Pets.com failed and shut down.
Concept: The Development and Growth of Electronic Commerce
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Chapter 15: E-Commerce - Evaluation - PART – II [Page 221]


Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Class 12th Computer Application Answers Guide
Chapter 15 E-Commerce
Evaluation - PART – II | Q 4. b. | Page 221

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