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What is adenohypophysis?  



  1.  It is an outgrowth from the roof of the buccal cavity. This outgrowth is called Rathke’s pouch. It grows upwards towards the brain.
  2. It is the larger lobe of the pituitary gland. It is a highly cellular and vascular part of the pituitary gland. It contains various types of epitheloid secretory cells, acidophils, basophils, chromatophores.
  3. It is further divided into three parts - Pars distalis, pars tuberalis, and pars intermedia. Pars intermedia is poorly developed in human beings.
  4. It is a small reduced part lying in the cleft between the anterior and posterior lobe.
  5. It secretes Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) in some lower vertebrates. MSH stimulates the dispersion of melanin granules in melanocytes and is responsible for skin pigmentation.
Concept: Human Endocrine Glands - Pituitary Gland or Hypophysis Gland
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Chapter 9: Control and Co-ordination - Exercises [Page 220]


Balbharati Biology 12th Standard HSC for Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 9 Control and Co-ordination
Exercises | Q 7.09 | Page 220


Briefly mention the mechanism of action of FSH.


The secretion of ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) is inhibited by
(a) emotion and stress (b) nicotine (c) alcohol (d) morphine 

Mention which of the statements are true (T) and which are false (F). Give reason in support of your answer. 

Pituitary is popularly called the master gland 

The diagram give below represents an endocrine gland in the human body. Study the diagram and answer the following questions:

Which lobe of the above gland secretes?
1. Oxytocin


3. Growth hormone 

Which one of the following statement is true/ false?
Adrenaline is secreted by pituitary.

The deficiency of ADH causes:

Which hormones are secreted by anterior pituitary gland?

The pituitary is called the master gland.

Sketch and label the V. S. of pituitary gland.

Give the Technical Term: The condition which results in the abnormally long bones, long lower jaw bone due to hyper secretion of pituitary hormone.

Give the Technical Term: Name the glands which secrete the following hormone: ACTH

Short answer question

Where is the pituitary gland located? Enlist the hormones secreted by the anterior pituitary.

Sketch and label V.S of Pituitary gland.

Give the names of the hormones released by neurohypophysis.

A boy shows excessive thirst and micturition because of deficiency of a hormone secreted by neurohypophysis. Name the disease he is suffering from.

Hyper secretion of growth hormone in childhood cause ______.

LH is secreted by ______

Identify the exocrine gland.

Which one is referred to as “Master Gland”?

Direction: In each of the following questions a statement of assertion (A) is given and a corresponding statement of Reason (R) is given just below it. Mark the correct statement as.

  • Assertion (A): The pituitary gland is referred to as the “Master gland”.
  • Reason (R): It controls the functioning of other endocrine glands.

The pituitary gland is divided into four lobes.

What is the hormone responsible for the secretion of milk in females after childbirth?

Name the hormones which regulate water and mineral metabolism in man.

Write the differences between the endocrine and exocrine glands. 

What are the hormones secreted by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland? Mention the tissues on which they exert their effect.

Identify the parts of adenohypophysis.

Which hormones are released by the posterior pituitary?

Match the following.

  Column I    Column II
i. Insulin p. Addison's disease
ii. Thyroxine q. Diabetes mellitus
iii. Mineralocorticoids and Glucocorticoids r. Acromegaly
iv. Growth Hormone s. Goitre

Hypersecretion of which hormone is the cause of Acromegaly?

All are peptide hormones, EXCEPT ______.

Identify the CORRECT set of hormones secreted by the adenohypophysis?

The secretion of hormones of adrenal medulla is regulated by ____________.

Match the following.

  Column I   Column II
i. Oxytocin a. Stimulates resorption of water and electrolytes in DCT and collecting ducts.
ii. Vasopressin b. Stimulates the synthesis and secretion of thyroid hormones.
iii. LH c. Stimulates contraction of uterus during parturition.
iv. TSH d. Induces discharge of ovum from Graafian follicles.

Which gland secretes the growth hormone?

Which of the following endocrine glands does not exist in pairs?

Which endocrine gland is also known as ‘master gland’?

Select the mis-matched pair.

Which of the following endocrine glands is unpaired?

Name the endocrine gland associated with brain?

The posterior pituitary gland is NOT a 'true' endocrine gland because ______.  

Which one is not secreted by the pituitary?

Continued secretion of milk is stimulated by

Which of the following conditions is not linked to deficiency of thyroid hormones?

Name the only hormone secreted by pars intermedia of the pituitary gland.

State whether true or false:

Pars distalis produces six trophic hormones.

Correct the following statement by replacing the term underlined.

TSH is secreted from the corpus luteum.

What is the role-played by luteinizing hormones in males and females respectively?

Inflammatory responses can be controlled by a certain steroid. Name the steroid, its source and also its other important functions.

You have learnt that a characteristic feature of endocrine system is the presence of feed back loops. By this what is meant if hormone A stimulates gland ‘X’ to secrete hormone B, the production of ‘A’ could be modified when the level of B changes in our blood. An example is the relation between hormones LH and estrogen (E2). An old woman exhibits the following features. High levels of LH in blood but low levels of E2 in the blood. Another woman exhibits high level of LH in blood and also high level of E2 in the blood. Where is the defect in both these women? Provide suitable diagram to support this answer.

A milkman is very upset one morning as his cow refuses to give any milk. The milkman’s wife gets the calf from the shed. On fondling by the calf, the cow gave sufficient milk. Describe the role of endocrine gland and pathway associated with this response?

Hypothalamus is a super master endocrine gland. Elaborate.

State the names of hormones and glands secreting them:

Controls tubular absorption of water in the kidney.

Consider the statements given below:

  1. Micturition is carried out by a reflex.
  2. Glucose is actively reabsorbed in the PCT.
  3. ADH helps in H2O reabsorption, making the urine hypertonic.

Which of the above is/are incorrect statements?

Find out the correct labelling of the given figure.

Match the hormones with their source :

  Column A   Column B
(1) Glucagon (i) Neurohypophysis
(2) Adrenaline (ii) Islets of Langerhans
(3) Somatotropins (iii) Adenohypophysis
(4) ADH (iv) Medulla

Identify the mismatched pair.

Distinguish between long-day and short day plants.

Which natural cytokinin is obtained from unripe maize grain?


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