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What is a Political Organisation ? What Role Does It Play in Bringing About Change in Society ? - Sociology

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Answer in Brief

What is a Political organization? What role does it play in bringing about change in society?

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A political organization is any organization that involves itself in the political process. The role that it plays in bringing about a change in society is described as follows :

De-centralization: The formation of the Panchayati Raj system in India gave the people at the grass root level a scope to voice their issues as well as find solutions for the same. This system enabled the better redressal of issues at the grass-root level.

Reservation of Seats: The 73rd Amendment Act brought in reservation of seats in the Panchayat for women (2-3rd) STs and SCs. Thus allowing the oppressed sections of the society for representation in the political scenario and enabled their issues and greviances to be brought under the limelight.

Creation of Bal Panchayats: One initiative under the Panchayati Raj system was the creation of the Bal Panchayats. These enabled the issues of the children to be voiced, addressed and tackled by the children themselves. This system promoted the growth of leadership qualities amongst the children.

Empowerment of Women: Various – schemes have been launched at various levels to enhance the overall status of women. Schemes ranging from educational benefits to provision of cooking gas and pre and post pregnancy aids and health check-up. All such changes have brought in betterment in the condition of women.

Social Recognition: Voting rights have been granted to the third genders and also many of them can now opt for education and build a more respectful life for themselves.

Concept: Political Organization
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