What is a Peninsula ? Take the Help of Your Atlas and Name Four Major Peninsulas of the World. - Geography

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What is a peninsula? Take the help of your atlas and name four major peninsulas of the world.



A Peninsula is a piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides and joined to a larger landmass. The peninsular plateau of India and the Malay Peninsula are two examples of peninsulas attached to the continent of Asia. Europe is a peninsula of peninsulas. Can you name the three large water bodies that surround it? Also, identify the smaller peninsulas that jut out from it.
The Arabian peninsula, Deccan for major peninsula are peninsulas, Indo-China Peninsula, Alaska peninsula.

Concept: Types of Landforms
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Chapter 3: Major Landforms of the Earth - Exercise


Oxford University Press Class 6 Voyage Geography for ICSE Middle School
Chapter 3 Major Landforms of the Earth
Exercise | Q 3.8

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