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What is a database? - Information Technology

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Answer in Brief

What is a database?

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A DBMS is a collection of programs (computer based system) that enables the user to create and maintain a database it is used to define, construct and manipulate the data in the database for various applications. It provides information storage, organization and retrieval capabilities. The DBMS also enforces necessary access restrictions and security measures in order to protect the database. Various types of control systems within the DBMS make sure that the database continues to function properly. They Include Integrity system Security system Concurrency control system Recovery control system Some DBMS enable us to define “views” of the database. A view is how the database appears to the user. This enables us to show only the relevant information to different types of users and it increases security, as certain users will not be able to see data which they are not meant to see.

Concept: Definition of a Database
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Balbharati Information Technology (IT) 11th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2 Introduction to DBMS
Exercise | Q 6.1 | Page 29
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